The Internet is organizing.

It’s no longer the town square it once was.

An egalitarian gathering place for ideas and people, where one person has one voice.

False information is 70% more likely to be shared on social media.

Fake accounts discovered and removed by Facebook in 2018.

There are now hidden structures that influence the flow of information online.

Factions are groups that organize on the social internet around a common interest, background, or opinion, and possessing a distinct culture.
Lady Gaga Stans artificially amplifying ‘Shallow’ to the top of the charts more
Fabricated coupons promising 75% discount on Nike shoes for people of color. more
Russian linked accounts promoting 5G conspiracy theories. more

Misunderstanding these new mechanics makes it hard to discern what’s most significant.

How stories, memes, hashtags travel from their creator, to the algorithm, and then to you.

But there’s a solution.

adds cultural context
to online information.

We map the ways that topics trend and narratives develop, determining what’s real, what’s not, and what has the potential to impact your business.

Context is invaluable.

We’re defining it.

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