About Us

Yonder is the leading authentic internet company.

We’re a software company that helps our users understand the cultural context behind information online.

Founded In 2017

We were created by experts in digital media, online behavior, machine learning and counter terrorism. We have been working on this problem for a decade and are the first company to address disinformation at scale. We are partnered with the largest brands in the world. We help them better understand the internet to connect authentically with their customers. We’ve caught disinformation campaigns and successfully navigated them through it.

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Executive Leadership

  • Jonathon Morgan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ryan Fox

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Annie Klomhaus

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Gavin Hewitt

    VP, Sales

  • Lisa Roberts

    SVP, Marketing

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Yonder exists to make the internet make sense.

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