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Recap: New Knowledge Testifies in Front of Senate Intelligence Committee



Aug 3, 2018

This will be one of of the defining threats of our generation. Influence operations exploit divisions in our society using vulnerabilities in our information ecosystem. They take advantage of America's commitment to freedom of speech and free flow of ideas.

Renee DiResta, Director of Research

This week New Knowledge had the opportunity to get in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and foreign influence operations and their use of social media platforms. Our Director of Research, Renee DiResta, along with a panel of other social media and disinformation experts, shared the increasing threat that foreign influence social media disinformation posses to our elections and the role that tech companies play in helping to protect public discourse.

Read Renee’s Opening Statement: Statement For The Record From Renee Diresta

In the press

Missed the hearing? Rewatch it, or read through the news coverage.

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The Verge- Senate Warns Tech Companies on Foreign Interference: “Time is Running Out”

Esquire - We’re in a Cybersecurity Crisis, Facebook Tells the White House. Hello? Anyone there?

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