Yonder is defining the authentic internet category.

We believe in the internet and are still sold on its promise to democratize the flow of information. Our mission is to add cultural context to every piece of information as it moves across the internet. Without that context, information is dehumanized. This leads to fake accounts, fake news, and disinformation. We do not want to live in a world of information gatekeeping, mistrust, and close mindedness.

Our mission

When you add context, it increases authentic cultural engagement for everyone. The internet is a place for communities of shared passion that bring new experiences, celebrate differences, increase openness and accelerate change. We show up every day to fight for that promise.

Venn Diagram made of 4 circles.  The outer lines are solid, and the overlapping lines are dashed.

Benefits we offer

  • Work with creative problem solvers

  • Market leading compensation and equity

  • We think solving this problem is fun

  • Comprehensive health Insurance, dental, and vision

  • Diverse team to solve this problem

  • Downtown Austin office

  • Rapid professional growth

  • 401K matching

Open Positions

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