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We help leading brands contextualize online information

Better understanding a controversy is easier, safer and less costly than recovering from one. We empower brands with the cultural context to communicate more authentically with their customers.

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To identify influence operations early and accurately, we've developed algorithms informed by our team's experience combating terrorist propaganda. It's the first stage of an end-to-end disinformation solution that only Yonder provides.

  • Signals intelligence

    Recognize the initial indicators of suspicious activity

  • AI

    Machine learning discerns patterns that reveal emerging campaigns

  • Situational awareness

    Identify Comprehensive visual and textual social media scanning

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In real time, our technology tracks disinformation campaigns designed to manipulate conversations on social media. Instant alerts give decision makers the intelligence they need to take action and safeguard their brand.

  • Live Alerts

    Instant updates and immediate alerts allow no attack to go unnoticed

  • Reporting

    Information is organized in dashboards unique to each company

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Based on data from our monitoring system, Yonder analysts provide the tools and support that companies need to disrupt manipulative online campaigns and maintain brand integrity. No system integration required. No private data collected.

  • Dedicated analysts

    Industry experts help decision makers determine the best course of action

  • Counter-messaging

    Partner with platforms and law enforcement to initiate punitive measures

  • Dialogue

    Proactive press and PR responses to inform the public and defend your brand

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